Challenge in the Desert: a unique journey of empowerment in the Negev

You are invited to a four-day journey in which the individual and the group meet for different and unique challenges in the desert. During the journey, you will receive tools and acquire skills to deal with personal and group challenges.

At the end of the journey, you will return home empowered with renewed strength to deal with life’s challenges.

This is an opportunity for you to experience a special process, with a powerful and enlightening influence, which produces mental resilience and provides a useful toolbox for life. All of the participants of the journey will discover how the desert can serve as a metaphor for life and will return reinforced with efficient skills and qualifications for everyday life.

The goals of the program:

  1. Instilling tools to deal with challenges in life;
  2. Acquiring survival skills: which strengthen and are useful in different circumstances in life;
  3. Magical desert experience;
  4. Instilling social skills;
  5. Presenting goals and objectives to fulfill your dreams.

1st day – me in the desert: dealing with a physical challenge

Personal coping – acquiring personal skills for survival in the desert, getting out of your comfort zone to obtain goals and advance.

10:00 Pickup from Beer Sheva central bus station and arrival at the park
Acquaintance activity at the "Vitamin C" park + receiving the journey bags, journey journal, a pen and presentation of the challenges chart.
Journey bags preparation activity + a package to open during a crisis; Selection of useful objects for the field.
Splitting to teams; creating collaborations.
Maximal weight challenge – a green sticker for those who successfully fulfill the task and can start the journey. Opening ceremony + hitting the road.

13:00 Quality time: lunch before going out to the field – sandwiches and drinks
Dispensing of food for dinner into the personal bags + a sleeping bag plus mats and going on the trail.

Starting the journey:

Arrival at the sleeping spot – field sleeping.

17:00 preparing dinner. Chicken and vegetable poyke, mujaddara, salads (cabbage, tahini, vegetables, etc.) and pitta bread.
19:00 Daily challenge coping ceremony (points: creativity, efficiency – time, collaboration, and more) + dinner.
20:00 Night game, acquaintance with the field at night, dealing with fears.
22:00 Bonfire and a daily summary
23:00 Songs until dawn

2nd day – social challenge, life in a team: social coping

Me in a team in the desert – starting alone (personal tasks) and moving on to the advantages of survival in a team, skills of life in collaboration, environmental, team and resource utilization.

7:00 preparing breakfast
7:30 Taking food and going on a personal task                                                             10:30 Opening ceremony – from an individual to a team, exercises which show the power of a team and the advantages and disadvantages of life together. Group tasks, continuing the trail.
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Arrival at Midreshet Beyachad and getting ready
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Daily summary with an emphasis on social challenge (misc.(
20:00 Meeting with a veteran resident of Yeruham

3rd day – challenge in the field: environmental coping – bicycle + Bedouin experience

8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Opening ceremony + preparing the bag for the day
10:00 Getting on the bicycles and riding to Nura
13:00 Preparing pitta bread + lunch (barbeque)
15:00 Riding to the lake
16:00 Bicycle navigation in the lake area
17:00 Driving to the hotel
18:00 Mobile phone receiving ceremony + NIS 50 + setting out: receiving a toolbox for life (pampering day)
Free night in Yeruham
21:00 Night activity and a daily summary

4th day – Summary and setting out blessing

8:00 Breakfast at the hotel
9:00 Tour of Yeruham and arrival at "Vitamin C" Park
Challenging activity at the park
12:00 Preparing poyke and summary activity – receiving a recipe for life
14:00 Joint stew – poyke
15:00 Farewell ceremony + a gift and a life skills certificate

During the program, we will integrate:

  • A challenge task – what you would like to achieve in life.
  • A special journey journal in which we will integrate questions and training guiding tasks – which provide personal tools to deal with life challenges.
  • Writing letters in the “sole” task – each participant will write a personal letter, which will be given to him three months later for reading.

Join us for a fascinating journey in the spectacular Negev landscape, between a magical golden desert and a vibrant green park.
The "Vitamin C" professional team will accompany you all the way through the personal and team process.
A challenging journey, which is entirely fun and interesting.

Waiting for you with lots of love
The "Vitamin C" team

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